Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Speakasia is not a fraud company, 100% genuine survey company.

Being a SPEAKASIAN for the past One year without any problem and getting a regular expected Income and without any hindrance I would like to  mention & comment the following regarding the News in the Star News and Aj Tak News Channel –

  • 1) First I would like to say that the both the News Channel did not Interview any Real Panelist /  Speakasians who is doing the survey and earning (Income) on a regular basis. 
  • 2)      Both the channel said that there is no guarantee on the investment made with Speak Asia, Let me Remind and say to ever body visiting this site – Please note (which U all must be knowing) that any Investment made is never a 100% secured and does not carry any Guarantee of returns such as 1) Stock Market 2) Mutual Fund 3) Insurance Linked Investment 4) Property 5) Gold & Silver etc. In India in the past we all have seen that people made Investment in such market linked Schemes have made Heavy losses and have under gone Bankruptcy; due to this effect people have also taken the path of suicide. Further every day people are losing in Billions in the stock Market. So why the Media expecting 100% Guarantee from Speak Asia ?
  • 3)    Next thing is the Electronic Media has said that this is a money Laundering - and at the same time They have said that speak Asia is paying 400% return in a year – Well if this is so – We all know Speak Asia has also paid back all the Invested money to the Investors within the first Two and Half Months that also in US Dollar by proper Banking Channel which runs into several Millions of US Dollars, this means India has also earned Foreign Currency too. And I am sure since the Panelist are being paid through proper Banking Channel the Panelist cannot hide their Income hence most of the Panelist are paying Income Tax to the Income Tax department hence again there is a heavy Revenue earned by the Government of India.
  • 4)      Thousand of House wives from all over India, is earning respectable money just by doing survey on the Internet from their home and at their own sweet time.  Similarly there are many poor students are paying their Collage fees to get Higher education by using this facilities of Speak Asia.
  • Let me also Inform to every body that Company like Star TV who was the first to make a Big Noise about this so called Breaking News – is currently developing and Gearing themselves to come in a Big way in this Survey Business. However currently the Star TV is already in the survey business in a very small & limited manner and they are unable to expand due to the presence of Speakasia in the market. Hence what is the strategy of Star TV ? Very simple - First defame Speakasia and next grab all the existing customers (Panelist) of Speak Asia . By doing this Star TV is going to paint themselves as a saver to the entire public. (Pls see - http://starpanel.startv.in)
  • 5)      Star News channel said that Speak Asia is siphoning out Indian Money out of the Country since it is a Singaporean company – well then let me inform you all that Star TV itself is a non Indian TV Company based in Hong Kong  (In a Chinese Country)  - Star TV India itself  is repatriating Billions of Dollars out of India too – Star TV will go to any extend to Defame Speak Asia and get their Business – Remember the Owner of Star TV is non other than Keith Rupert Murdoch, by birth he is an Australian (Age 80yrs) – He wanted to acquire Fox TV but the Government of America rejected it since he was not an American citizen; then by all means  he got his US Citizenship and brought the Fox TV and many such Business House in the US. He then wanted to by the STAR TV in Hong Kong but again the Chinese Government rejected its proposal since he is not a Chinese by birth – with this regard Rupert Murdoch at the age 68 he got married to a very young Chinese Lady (30yrs Old) name Ms. Deng Wendi (Divorceing his earlier Wife) and after this marriage immediately he acquired the Star TV and currently Ms. Deng Wendi is the Vice President of Star TV. Hence you can all see the attitude and work ethics of Star TV; that is they will go to any extent to acquire their business objectives. (Pls See - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STAR_TV_(Asia)  ).
  • 6)      The next more important thing is – Today majority of the media in India is a total Blackmailing company, they live & earn from Blackmailing money - The Media is blackmailing Large Business Houses, Politicians and who ever is doing or earning good money. The media is a White-collar Blackmailers. You all readers must ask your own selves that why the Media is not making a hue & Cry on Ratan Tata Case regarding the 2G Scam ( Nira Radia) – Because the Media is paid heavily to keep their mouth Shut. And remember this Scam is over few thousand Million Dollars Scam. Why the Media is not talking about the Scam for making Mr.  Warren Anderson (Union Carbide – CEO) run away from India to USA after killing over 8000 innocent citizens of Bhopal and now it is over 26 years still the compensation is not settled or unpaid – because a huge money is being paid to the media to keep their mouth shut both by the Indian politicians and Union Carbide. The Media only makes noise when they need money and accordingly the Media performs the Blackmailing activities and then keeps their mouth shut as soon as they get the required money.
  • 7)      Now regarding the SURVEY – As a panelist of Speak Asia let me inform to every readers that - Who cares about the Survey ……….as long as we (Panelist) is getting paid for the work and at the right time its all FINE (All Ij Well); and I am sure all panelist of Speak Asia will agree with me to the same. The problem is companies  like Star TV and many such other companies wants to know HOW the Speak Asia is making money and paying all its Panelist for the past Two Years and there is not a single complain from the panelist. Honestly Speaking none of the Speak Asia Panelist care regarding who is the Company we are doing the survey for … be it Airtel / ICICI / Bata …etc. We just need money that’s it. And as long as we are getting the money legally from proper Banking Channel.
  • 8)      The Media has said that Speak Asia is lying regarding their Clients such as Airtel / Bata / ICICI etc …. – How does this matter to a panelist ? ….. As long as speak Asia is paying - ALL IJ WELL. With this regard let me remind all the readers that Insurance Companies like LIC / ICICI / GIC … etc people have invested with these companies with their hard earned money and these companies have still not paid to many such Insured Customers the Insurance Compensation to the families of the dead or to the owners of the Damaged Properties. And this is to the tune of few Billions of Dollars that these Insurance Companies need to Pay. Now ask yourself why the Star TV and such other News Channels are NOT making noise regarding these companies?
  • 9)      We need to understand one Thing - The main problem is that – 1) Lots of Panelists have taken loans from banks and have invested in the Speak Asia and these Panelists have also returned the Fund with interest to the Banks within a very short period, and this is a big problem for the Bank since the Bank did not earn the required or the projected amount. 2) Lots of Panelists has withdrawn a good amount from the Stock Market and Mutual Fund and Invested in the Speak Asia, hence this is again a big problem for the Investment Companies & Consultants (Brokers). In conclusion and in short what I want to say that all these negative Propaganda could be a nexus along with Banks + Media + Investment Companies & Brokers and or those who have vested Interest.
  • 10)   Last but not the least – We all need to ask one questions to ourselves that is – There are several online Internet Forums and Why still not a single Panelists are complaining regarding their Payments  to Speak Asia?

Who is making the Noise and big Hue & Cry? Only the outsiders, who are not the panelist.


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